8 ordinary things that still can not be explained by science

If you think that science already knows everything, and if is not everything, it is about to be, then the site you have to severely disappoint. What it all - even the simplest things scientists can not explain! 1. What is glass? While glass known to mankind is not the first millennium, the reason for its unique mechanical properties, scientists still do not understand. Out of school lessons, we remember that the glass - it is a liquid, but is it? Scientists do not know exactly what the nature of the transition between the liquid and solid phases and glassy, ​​and what physical processes lead to the basic properties of the glass.

2. Why did the bike falls on its side? The design of the bike is quite simple, and it seems that has long understood how and why the two-wheeled vehicle maintains excellent stability. But not steer automatically when your side centrifugal force or the gyroscopic moment of the rotating wheel in this no blame has been tested and proven. According to the latest assumptions engineers, a key role in this is a special distribution of load.

3. How does the placebo? Placebo helps get rid of pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and even some of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, but how he do it? The way our mind can affect health, are still not fully clear, and scientists can not reveal the mechanisms underlying the physiological reactions on placebo.

4. What does it mean wow-signal from the distant cosmos? August 5th, 1977 Dr. Jerry Ayman while working on radio "Big Ear" gave a strong narrowband radio signal space, very similar to the signal of extraterrestrial origin. Struck by this, Ayman swept related characters on the printed and signed in the fields of «Wow!». This signature and gave the name of the signal.

The signal came from the region of the sky in the constellation Sagittarius. However, after years of waiting repetition of something like nothing happened. Until now, wow-signal remains one of the major puzzles of astrophysics.

5. How can inanimate matter became alive? It is known that the main components of living matter are amino acids. But the likelihood of accidental certain amino acid-nucleotide sequence is the probability that several thousand letters dropped from the roof of a skyscraper, will develop in a certain page of Dostoevsky's novel. It took more time than the universe exists.

6. Why do people fall into lefties and righties? Scientists have studied well the problem of why people are advantageously used with one hand, and why this is often the right hand. However, they may not fully understand what mechanisms are involved in this process.

Researchers differ even in their opinion, what percentage of humanity is right-handed and left-handed some. It is generally believed that the majority (from 70% to 95%) - right-handed minority (5% to 30%) - a left-hander, and there is an indefinite number of people with full symmetry.

7. Why do we sleep? We sleep 36% of all life, but scientists do not know why. People tend to sleep, because it is in our genes, but why such a state emerged in the course of evolution - a mystery. In addition to warm-blooded animals (mammals and birds), none of these forms of living beings sleep there, and what are the benefits of sleep - is still unclear.

8. Why do cats purr? Nobody knows for sure why cats purr. Kittens learn to purr as soon as they turn a couple of days. Scientists suggest that they purr means something like human words "mother", "I'm OK" or "I'm here." These sounds help to strengthen ties between the kitten and his mother.

But when the kitten grows up, he continues to purr, and it may occur as a joy and an injury or illness. And why so arranged - who knows ...

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