The man-leopard lodge in a nursing home

73-year-old Tom Leppard, 99, 9% of the body is covered with tattoos that mimic spots on the skin of a leopard, he announced the decision to leave the life of a hermit and live in a nursing home.

Leppard for 20 years he lived in a hut on the Scottish Isle of Skye unfurnished and electricity. Every week he had to swim to the canoe three miles to make purchases.

In the words of a man-leopard, he was perfectly happy in her plaguing the hut, but the years have taken their toll, and he was too old for such a lifestyle. It is especially difficult for him to become a trip by canoe, and one day when a friend who has a boat, Leppard offered to take him to the island, he decided that the time to retire.

Leppard, a former Special Forces soldier, a native of London, until recently, held the title of the most tattooed man in the world, until it was surpassed by Lucky Diamond Rich (Lucky Diamond Rich) from New Zealand. It is known that Leppard spent their tattoos five and a half thousand pounds.


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