Pessimism and optimism are inherited

Why do some people always say that the glass is half empty, while others are convinced that it is half full? Tore off the roof first terrified think coming down, well, while others are happy that fly. All people are divided into optimists and pessimists. And scientists finally figured out the nature of these fundamental differences.

It turns out the whole thing in the levels of biologically active substances - so-called neuropeptide Y. The higher of these molecules are synthesized in the brain, the more optimistic a person looks at the world. At the same person with a reduction in the synthesis of neuropeptide often have difficulty in dealing with stressful situations. This conclusion was American experts and the University of Michigan.

Scientists have found that the synthesis of neuropeptide Y are genetically programmed, that is, in fact, pessimism and optimism just inherited. And the level of early diagnosis of this important matter in the long run will help doctors to diagnose in the early stages of mental illness from simple depression to severe schizophrenia and other psychoses.

Its researchers made the discovery using the technique of magnetic resonance imaging. Having scanned dozens of volunteers, the researchers looked at the brain's response to different words that subjects were asked to listen to during the experiment. Some words have a completely neutral emotional, while others were negative (such as "murderer"), or positive (for example, "hope"). Thus subjects with reduced generation of neuropeptide Y in response to the negative word atkivirovalis characteristic zones in the prefrontal cortex. It is these areas of the brain responsible for processing emotions. Subjects with a sufficient level of neuropeptide did not show such a reaction - they were less labile said.

After this test, the researchers conducted a number of experiments and clarifying clarified that the original assumption indeed proved correct - pessimism and optimism depends on a single substance, the production of which is caused genetically.

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