10 supposedly "bad" traits, which can be good

Not everything in our world is divided into black and white, even traits fall under the principle of "everything is relative" and "everything is good in moderation," We tend to divide personality traits on the "bad" and "good." Being, for example, kind and humble - "good" and lazy and pessimistic - "bad." Things, however, are not always so banal. Here are 10 traits, which are usually negative, but they can benefit.

1. Besporyadok

live in a small mess - this is hardly a great sin, even though many people equate mess unproductive, but it is a myth. In fact it has been proven that people who have a desk bit of a mess, are more likely to be creative and willing to take risks. Clutter can inspire. Just do not leave dirty skins of bananas, and everything will be fine.

2. Egoistichnost

Of course, to think only about themselves and ignore the other bad, but the ideal of selflessness has its problems. Many of us may be a little selfish and learn to say "no" without being afraid to seem a scoundrel. If you are all the time trying to please others, it will be a cause of stress and lack of time on the really important things. So think not to say to the 'no' next project. Said the refusal by e-mail, even if some of the letters remain unanswered. You have to help yourself, to be able to help others.

3. Samouverennost

Big egos often manifests itself as a look down on others, but it takes many forms. Arrogance, as we know, this is bad: the arrogant people belittle others to elevate themselves. Self-confidence on the other hand, -that is a satisfaction in the good sense - it's good. It can contribute to productive work, to help find a romantic partner and not only - and without the humiliation of others. So do not be afraid to develop self-confidence. Good to have a high opinion of himself, but do not get too arrogant, and everything will be fine.

4. Zastenchivost

Most people find shyness weakness. Of course, excessive shyness may interfere with certain capabilities, but it also has strengths: shy people tend to be more reflective and observant than others, and they are often very good listeners. Overcoming shyness will help you become more confident, but not eliminate advantages that you already have. Just do not confuse shyness with introversion.

5. Rasseyannost

Distraction can interfere with focus on the serious work - see, protein! - But it can also help you to be more creative. When you are not focused, you are looking at a wide range of information and think more openly. The concentration and dispersion together play an important role in our lives - and one without the other can block your path to all possibilities.

6. Tsinizm

There is a difference between a cynic and a cynical asshole. In fact, many people could become more critical in relation to the surrounding world. Distraction from your emotional attachment to things can help to become more rational, and skepticism will help avoid fraud and other of the bases.

7. Nevrotizm

Neuroticism, according to an article in the magazine «American Psychologist», it is "a tendency to react to the threat of negative emotions, disappointment or loss." This may adversely affect the health, but some research suggests that these concerns can respond in a positive manner with a certain awareness to balance mood. And, as we know, awareness may be the first sign of successful people - so it's time to learn it.

8. Exposure kritike

Take criticism is difficult, so the world tells you to be thick-skinned. And, of course, to some extent it is good, but, ignoring the criticism, you will achieve nothing. Instead of ignoring the criticism, learn to not take it to heart and use for their own benefit. Just do not let yourself hurt.

9. Pessimizm

Nobody likes the pessimists, but a healthy dose of pessimism does not hurt. The idea that everything could collapse, helps you to plan similar situations or even completely avoid them. The ancient Stoics believed even that pessimism can help to cope with the losses when they happen. Unless you are a fatalist, a small pessimism goes in your favor.

10. Len

Ten hard workers there is always a person is too lazy to work - and instead of the hard work he is looking for ways to automate the process. Laziness can breed creativity, if properly use it. It may encourage you to find a job that you enjoy, and avoid procrastination. In short, this is a strong motivation to succeed in life. Just do not let your laziness of you suck all the juice, otherwise you will never get up from bed.

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