The length of the world's longest cat - 123 cm

In Reno, in the US, there is a cat Stewie, which is unusual in that it brought in the Guinness World Records as the longest cat in the world - from nose to rump animal lengthened by 123 centimeters.

Breed 5-year-old Stewie - Maine Coon, representatives of which are already considered to be the big cats - they have big-boned body, a huge massive head and a brush on the ears.

Representatives of the Guinness Book of Records officially registered as the longest cat in the world. The hostess said animal that has repeatedly surprised how big it grows Stewie, but know about the features of this breed. At some point she decided to measure, and the cat was startled to its length, and then decided to find out if there are any in the world such a big cat.




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