In Berlin, set up an unmanned vehicle that he can move around the city

Enthusiasts of the Free University of Berlin continues to develop technologies that allow vehicles fully controlled by a computer, and to do without the driver. Their Volkswagen Passat made several trips to Berlin, including in heavy traffic in the city center.

Volkswagen, «hung" sensors drove a total of 80 km. Computer, drive a car, perfectly coped with the movement in the dense capital flow, with full knowledge of the situation on the road within a radius of 70 meters. In the car, the driver was present, which, in the case of an emergency, could take it over, but the need for it arose.

UAV, which was given the name MadeInGermany, became the first self-governing car that got permission to move in the city. Before that, he proezdil several thousand kilometers of closed roads.



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