Russian songs performed by American

Guy from America happened to live in Russia, and now he misses our country. And to make it easier to go through this anguish, he sings Russian songs.))

His words:

My name is Josh Adamz. I am 29 years old and I live in Vacaville, California in the United States. I bylo a wonderful opportunity to live in Russia for two years as a missionary for my church, from 1999-2001. I lived in Samara and Saratov oblasts. I bylo many good events and znakomilsya with a lot of friends there. I miss Russia and wanted to go back there to visit sometime. I love music, playing the guitar and singing. My favorite Russian musicians: Alsu, DDT, tATu, Hi-Fi, B-2, Zemfira and arms up.

Not bad singing, by the way)

Battery / Batareyka - Bugs / Juki (Cover)

Eighth - Viktor Tsoi / Movies / Mummy Troll (Cover)

And we loved - Hi-Fi (Cover)

It's great / Eto Zdorovo - Nikolay Noskov (Cover)

Autumn / Osenaya - DDT / DDT (Cover)

Call it as I was - Hands Up (Cover)

Silver / Serebro - Bi-2 / Bi-2 (Cover)

No Exit - Spleen (Cover)

Varvara / Varvara - Bi-2 / Bi-2 (Cover)

Virus / Virus - You do not look / Do not Look For Me (Cover)



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