14 interesting facts about the filming of the movie "Viy"

1. The first Soviet horror film "Viy" was shot in 1967, with adventures. The artists felt that the evil spell ghouls spread even beyond the set ... The built at "Mosfilm" church workers try once again not to go. Meanwhile, in the Soviet thriller spilled just one drop of blood: Pannochka witch, frightening philosopher, let tears of blood.

2. The picture was still "at launch," and it has already bought nine countries. In the Soviet box office film took the symbolic 13th place.

3. Famous flights Pannochki in a coffin that frightened generations of Soviet children were due to the fact that under the dome of the pavilion was fastened a complex mechanism. All the coffins were black, like Gogol. The coffin was considered the main number 1 - it Pannochka the dead was laid. He flew through the church closed the coffin lid number 2 - it was he who, according to the scenario, could not break through the magic circle of the philosopher outlined. This coffin of methane in the empty frame and was very small. Manually move the coffin - with the help of ropes.

4. Coffin number 3 was suspended on six metal strings to the ceiling. This is where the witch flying on the church, standing upright. At the base of the coffin was mounted metal pin-bracket, to which the actress chained assembly belt. Behind him, a hoodie, it was assigned a reliable support.

5. Before you let Natalya Varley in "free flight" in an unusual coffin flew almost the entire crew. Interesting was the fact that the new-found "witch" - Natalya Varley - were originally from the Romanian city of Constanta. A Transylvania has long been considered the birthplace of witches and vampires.

6. decorations made in several pavilions. Half of employees "Mosfilm" bogey cobwebby gloomy church. In the film, there is an episode where a myriad of monsters enters the temple: fall to the ground icons, flying down the broken windows, the doors are broken off its hinges ... should immediately drop a huge chandelier - chandelier. Props are not lazy, and at the base of the chandelier hung lot of bags with dust. When the chandelier crashed to the floor of the church, everything went numb for a moment: in the cloud of dust that rose it seemed that there was an explosion ... And on the set of "Wii" burned several hundredweight of candles, but beeswax was then the road. Have special church workshops Zagorska ordered a thick candles, consisting of beeswax and stearin.

7. Evil Spirit was presented in "Wii" and the kind of wildlife, for example, worked in the film "Brigade" black cats. Nine grown black kittens crew got a legacy of paintings "Black devil", where the main character played by a four-legged, nine doubles. These cats have worked in Gaidai "Diamond Hand" and the film "Ivan Vasilievich". Not only that, "Vie" black cats jumped out from under the feet of the poor philosopher Homa at the most inopportune moment, cats and even wore special hats, hoods with horns. They were allowed to jump from the platform, and a jump shot on the wall of their shadows.

8. For the image of all evil director with the operator tried to shoot an enlarged insect - mantis, rhinoceros beetles, spiders ... but stopped still at near-mystical substances bats, crows and eagle owl. All animals are available for filming famous on "Mosfilm" the trainer and the director tricks scenes with animals Tariel Gabidzshvili.

9. The "Vie" involved about 50 crows. Caught them immediately, "Mosfilm" in the yard. Laid out the bait in an old barn, a few days did not fit, so as not to frighten the birds tricky. Caught in the snare of the captives were taken only at night, so as not to arouse the suspicion of others freestyle crows. On the set gave the command, and black birds with noise from the drop dart crashed windows of the church. Sometimes, the trainer shouted director Alexander Ptushko: "Lukic, crow over." He declared the break, film crews extinguished the lights and climbed with flashlights on the grate to shoot birds, and pavilions were huge - up to 16 meters in height.

10. There were Alexander Ptushko and beloved animals who roamed with him from film to film. I loved it, for example, a dog Mishka. Trainer Tariel Varlamovich even brought the dog out of the army. Bear was a real dog zvukoimitator. He could growl like a bear, a wolf howl. The "Vie" he desperately "mourned" in the yard dead Pannochku.

11. By the way, Pannochki - Natalya Varley - on the set was really deadly episode. Once Natalya dropped out of the tomb, which is raced at high speed in a circle. As in a kaleidoscope, candles flickered, flashed a log church ... She lost her balance and flew from a great height upside down. Ban philosopher - Leonid Kuravlev, having no experience of insurance, miraculously caught Natalya at the landing on the wooden floor of the church. Only then the actress admitted that despite his work in a circus trapeze artist, she was very afraid of heights. Can you imagine what will power was supposed to be at this fragile girl to get up each time in a coffin under the ceiling of the church?

12. The werewolves in the film Alexander Ptushko miraculously climbed on a vertical wall. I photographed this trick experienced operators Provorov Fedor: "From thick planks hammered together" a wall. " Layout set at an angle to the floor and shot vampires slipping on an inclined plane, on top of the film set hung crane operator and director. It turned out that the ghouls clinging claws and toes, climbed straight on a vertical wall.

13. appear in the role Pannochki Natalya Varley has agreed ... out of curiosity. Flying in a coffin under the dome of the church it does not scare the superstitious fear that with her take measurements for the coffin, the actress is also experienced. Natalia is not only starred in the film - in the "Wii" it took a while for showing "the Caucasian captive" athletic training.

14. ¬ęPannochku" in the shot put on a special vibrating device to give the impression that she was shaking with anger; imposed a dull makeup as if it is green with anger; backlit eyes that they glow from within satanic fire ... And the young actress, who did not want to lose time in vain, while on site installing the light, lying in a coffin, reading notes and textbooks.

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