● The oldest marathon runner - Fauja Singh ●

He had turned 100 years old, and he still continues to run and has excellent physical shape. In 2011, Fauja Singh entered the Guinness Book of Records as the old marathon runner, ran a full marathon at the age of 100 years.

Over the past 10 years he set 12 world, European and British records. At the 2004 Olympics in Athens, he was honored to take part in the delivery of the torch to Mount Olympus. In the same year old marathon runner was the face of an advertising campaign running shoes Adidas, named in his honor.

Since the mid-1990s, living in the London borough of Ilford. Hindu, talking about their secrets longevity, says that just loves sports so that never misses a workout.
Special passion for the sport he has appeared in 89 years, since he participated in 7 marathons and signed up for the marathon to be held in 2012 in Edinburgh. There's oldest athlete will need to run 42 km.
Most people dream to buy a car, and the Hindu recognizes no limits to the body continues to move and thus managed in such an advanced age to be cheerful and energetic.
On the day he runs 16 miles, eat once a day, a few vegetables with ginger and curry, drink some tea. In an interview, he said that he was amazed that his British peers lead a sedentary lifestyle, eating fatty and blamed his poor health age. Now Fauja Singh moved to London, he remains cheerful, positive, helping people and not eating junk pischu.Data his birth April 1, 1911. Hindus believe that we should not worry about trifles and stress testing. "If there are things that you can not change, stop worrying about them" - says Fauja Singh - "Enjoy life and avoid bad people».

● 5 recipe for happiness from his grandfather Faudzha:

1. To be happy, we must first have a big heart.
2. Positive thinking and the company of people who are passionate about something and want to move forward - that's what keeping me strength and makes me happy.
3. I am with gratitude and humility I accept all that God sent me.
4. The majority of UK pensioners do not follow the diet and move the machine that makes them sick, infirm and miserable. I'm not ready to sit still. It's killing me. So I run, always smile and eat a lot of ginger and curry.
5. I do not think of myself as an elderly person. As soon as I afford to look at yourself as an old man - I will lose everything. Age - he's only in his mind. Positive thinking makes it possible to all.


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