Most smelly man in the world does not wash for 38 years

Kailash Singh has decided not to bathe in 1974. Shortly after he got married. Kailash was hoping that his unusual riatual help him get his son. He claims that he was a priest who assured him the birth of his son, if Kailash Singh followed his advice not to wash or cut their hair.

Today, the most smelly man wears her hair in dreadlocks matted with dirt, a length of 1, 82 meters. Despite this, he became the father of seven daughters, a son of Kailash Singh has not appeared. Despite the setback befell him, Kailash refuses to take a bath, assuring that only the birth of his son will make him change his principles. However, the birth of a son, 66-year-old man and his 60-year-old wife is very doubtful. The man swore that will wash only in the next life, and uses water only to rinse the face and hands.

Perhaps the original habit Kailash Singh would not be so inconvenient to others, if he lived in a cold climate or was a homebody. However, Singh lives near the city of Varanasi and working up a sweat, moving cattle from pasture to pasture. In hot climates, where the temperature often reaches 47 degrees Celsius, the smell of Kailash Singh informs others about him long before his arrival.

Kailash's wife, Kalavati Devi remembers that it took a lot of time to get used to the unpleasant odor. She says they have tried everything to get Kailash Singh abandon their vows, even threats not to sleep with him in the same bed. One family decided to throw into the river Kailash Singh. But he ran away, saying he would rather die than will wash. Singh's daughter noticed that she does not understand how her father stands on a hot summer day without bathing when she takes a bath twice a day.

Kailash Singh said that he would take care of personal hygiene. He cleared the fire every night: a man prays to Lord Shiva, dancing around a bonfire. Kailash Singh is confident that this is enough to kill the odor. However, family and neighbors Kailash Singh did not agree with this statement.



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