Russian scientists have developed a "immortal" artificial heart valve

A quarter of deaths from cardiovascular disease in Russia accounted for valvular. Medical treatment for this illness is effective only for a while. If the operation is not done, the patient will have to change the whole rhythm of life: serious physical activity and psychological stress will be dangerous for him.

Russian scientists have developed an artificial tricuspid prosthesis is a new generation of "Tricardics." The new development combines the characteristics of biological and mechanical prosthetic valves: its life is practically unlimited, and the risk of blood clots in a patient is minimized. While implanted 45 valves "Tricardics." The first such operation conducted Academician L. Bokeria in June 2007, the Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery. Bakulev.

Recently I had an operation at the Russian Scientific Center of Surgery. Petrovsky RAMS. At the heart of the village Vanya Mochenkova Matveevskoe not only were sewn just two artificial valve, but also - and most importantly - one of them was replaced by "Tricardics." Today Vanya every day quietly go to school, but about heart defects resemble a yearly survey.

Artificial valves are of two types: mechanical and biological. The problem is that biological valves (tricuspid, triple-) are short-lived - working 7-10 years, so young patients, of course, usually put mechanical valves.

Installation of the mechanical valve (bicuspid) causes severe hemolysis - red blood cells decay, and the patient is required lifelong anticoagulation - drugs that reduce the risk of clot formation.

Developers of the new Valve say that thrombus formation is minimized. So there is a chance to reduce, and possibly in the future, to abolish the patient receiving anticoagulants.

Patents on all kinds of designs and all technological means of implantation obtained not only in Russia but also in the US, Asia, South Africa. Russian developments are already interested in China and Iran, but take away abroad unique technology management specialist company "Roscardioinvest" developed valve does not plan to.


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