Elon Musk believes that artificial intelligence is dangerous for humanity

About the dangers of artificial intelligence is much talk and write. There are those who believe that AI will never harm for one or other reason (not least because that artificial intelligence will obey three laws of robotics).

But there are also those who believe that a person can become a victim technological signulyarnosti , and artificial intelligence - is dangerous. Recently, Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest minds of our time, called artificial intelligence greatest mistake mankind . It seems that something like this and believes the notorious Elon Musk.

figure it out on Friday, when the author of the term "virtual reality» Jaron Lanier opened the дисскуссию about AI . His ideas were discussed by many scholars, writers, engineers and businessmen. Among other published and comments from Elon Musk, where he predicts the risk of "something very dangerous in the range of 5-10 years." By "something dangerous" means dangerous for human artificial intelligence.

After a few minutes the mask (or a department dealing with the media) sr comment, but it had zaskrinit:

Musk believes that now is the success of professionals working on the creation of artificial intelligence, highly visible case is moving very quickly, and in a few years we can see a real artificial intelligence. And this reason can not be friendly to humans. Musk hopes that the creators of the AI ​​will be able to control it, and not let the bad guys (in the sense of digital supermind) away on the Internet.

By the way, not so long ago, Musk called artificial intelligence "man-demon."

Opinion mask puts him in the position of someone who is not only trying to predict the future, but also tries to provide various options for hazards that may be encountered in the way of evolving humanity. And one of these hazards could be AI.

Press secretary Elon Musk promised in a letter to Mashable, Musk soon publish a more detailed view of artificial intelligence. We'll wait.

By the way, here one can not forget SF story , in which humanity spread throughout the galaxy, and Each planet has created on supercomputers. After it was decided to combine all the supercar into a single network. Once this was done, the project manager asked the car: "Is there a god?". And the car replied, "Now there is." After that, with a clean and clear sky lightning struck soldered lever in the on position. At the same time lightning and killed the operator who tried to shut down the system. I>

While writing the story - in 1954. Looks like science fiction, as always - ahead of the rest. Do you think the AI ​​dangerous to humans?
course Yes, if you do not use the laws of robotics Asimov or something like that No AI will never be created I am already here, man! Only registered users can vote in polls. Sign , please. 606 people have voted. 84 people abstained.

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