Medical tattoos - a record on your body your health

In Europe are in vogue medical tattoos. Besides, the tattoo gives you the opportunity to express their own individuality, it can also save your life.

Everyone who receives the right knows that the passage of medical examination in your passport include data on blood group and Rh factor. The same information can be applied in the form of a tattoo in the case of an accident in the absence of a passport, will help physicians 'emergency'. Of course, if you love tattoos.

Also, medical tattoos are useful for people with diseases such as diabetes or epilepsy. Some doctors insist on standardization of medical tattoos. If you really want someone artistically data about their health, it is desirable to do so in the pre-approved site where the doctor can find the right diagnosis. For example, shoulder or other accessible location. However, fashion is fashion and how it is accustomed - time will tell.



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