Humans have two types of smell: inspiratory and expiratory

Many of us can not imagine the morning without the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. But many probably felt a little disappointed by the fact that the taste of the coffee was not as intoxicating as the smell, and now scientists have found an explanation for this.

When we swallow the drink, it sends a breath into the back of the nose, activating the second sense of smell in the brain, which is less susceptible to the taste that is less satisfying. Conversely, some cheeses that have seemingly unpleasant odor, are delicious, as their flavor seems more enjoyable when coming out of the nose.

Professor Barry Smith of the University of London explained that in humans there are two types of smell: "One type of smell - is when you inhale something from the outside, and the other - when the air goes out of you through the nasal passages and exhale nose».

The phenomenon is explained by the fact that although we have receptors on the tongue, 80% of what we consider taste is actually passes through the olfactory receptors in the nose. Receptors that we transmit messages to the brain to respond to different odors, depending on the direction in which they move.

For example, cheese epuas has not the most pleasant smell, but once it is in your mouth, you begin to feel the aroma coming from the nose, and it seems tasty.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is brilliant, but the taste can seldom compete with its smell.

Only two known odor - chocolate and lavender, are perceived the same when they pass through the nose from outside or inside.



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