To neutralize the sharpness, eat a spoonful of sugar

There are situations when, as a party or a restaurant, happen to try unfamiliar dishes, and there, for example, the hot pepper! Or something completely unfamiliar to you, but very, very sharp. Different people have different threshold of tolerance to acute, and if some are excessive severity, for others it is - a real nightmare: the tears flow, I want to sneeze or hiccup begins.

To quickly neutralize the acute, usually drink water. Not the best way, since the water will spread around the mouth spices, and the condition may even be aggravated. A much more efficient in this case milk drink or eat any dairy product - cheese, yogurt, ice cream.

But the best work ordinary sugar. A single teaspoon or one sugar cube to quickly get rid of the severity of sugar will absorb the oil and spicy taste pereb'ete his own, no less strong.



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