Students from Harvard launched into space burger

Five students from Harvard recently launched into space burger. They managed to accomplish what had planned for so long.

On YouTube, the young people posted videos of training start and all subsequent activities related to this event. His students experiment called Operation Skayfoll in honor of the new Bond movie.

In one of the local eateries experimenters have purchased an ordinary hamburger and held it before the experiment a few days. During this time, stale bread, hamburger has become more solid. Students treated sandwich special spray that protects against the wind, and fixed on him cameras and GPS.

According to the students, they were able to realize his idea into reality, sandwich climbed into the stratosphere. At an altitude of about 30 km the balloon burst, and all the contents, including a hamburger, fell to the ground. Sandwich landed in the woods not far from the US Boston about 200 km from the launch site and got stuck among the branches. Remove extraordinary "astronaut" with trees, along with a video camera was only a few days later.



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