The most expensive coffee in the world is made of elephant excrement

The most expensive coffee in the world, called "Black tusk", made from the fruit of the coffee, eaten and digested Thai elephants, and costs $ 1,100 per kg. Exotic drink has a rich, smooth taste is due to the process of digestion in the intestines of the elephant.

«When the elephant eats the fruit of the coffee, the acid in his stomach breaks down proteins coffee, which gives the drink a bitter taste," - explained the experts. "The result is a coffee with a very mild flavor without bitterness usual drink»

blockquote> The most expensive and delicious coffee in the world is very similar to another kind of coffee "Kopi Luwak", which is derived from animals Asian Palm Civet excrement. However, the stomach of an elephant in this sense has a slight advantage. On average, the animal is required about 15-30 hours to digest the fruits of coffee are "languishing" along with bananas, sugar cane and other ingredients of the typical vegetarian diet elephant that the result is a unique full-bodied and fruity taste.

Rare varieties of coffee can be tasted only four resorts in the world: three in the Maldives and one in Thailand and a cup of this drink is not cheap - $ 50.

Why is it so expensive? Firstly, the content of the elephants in the reserve - it trim. Secondly, elephants are fed only Thai Arabica coffee grown at an altitude of 1500 m. In addition, the elephants need to eat about 32 kg of coffee fruit to produce 1 kg of coffee beans.



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