7 Unusual facts about coffee that you did not know

Coffee - a wonderful drink that like to drink people worldwide. Many people can not start their day without a cup of morning coffee. Of course, there is a lot of talk about the dangers of caffeine that coffee reduces the amount of calcium in the bones and has a negative effect on the heart, but also this drink has a number of useful properties.

In particular, recently, researchers have found that coffee drinkers less likely to commit suicide than those who do not regularly consume coffee. The risk of suicide attempt among the coffee was reduced by 50% due to the effects of caffeine, because it affects the body's production of serotonin and dopamine - neurotransmitter associated with emotions.

This is not the only useful feature coffee - bring to your attention a few facts about him, we learned.

1. Coffee invigorates only lenivyh

Coffee - a great incentive for those who like to be lazy. For such people, a coffee - a great stimulant, but workaholics it as such, in contrast, is contraindicated, because it produces the opposite effect.

Psychologist Jay Hocking came to this conclusion by putting experiments on rats. Like humans, rats tend to look for a way out of different situations and solve problems encountered - for example, to pass the maze. It was found that caffeine greatly reduced activity of most moving rodents. Those rats that initially "lazy" after caffeine started to behave more actively.

An interesting fact is that the more coffee invigorates women than men: women after a few cups are energetic, and men start to work more slowly, and have doubts in the results.

2. Coffee helps from pohmelya

The worst hangover in a headache - severe migraine attack can completely poison the mood and do not give focus on the work. Unfortunately, to get rid of hangover migraine can be difficult, even with analgesics.

However, from the hangover headache it helps fine coffee. Pain produced by the formation of acetate in the body under the influence of ethanol. Coffee also helps to block the conversion of acetaldehyde to acetate, and, as a consequence, to get rid of the pain. Just do not get too carried away by this method of treatment - for a person with an average body weight is enough cups of coffee a volume of 100-150 ml.

3. From the coffee to brew chay

The taste of the beverage from the leaves of the coffee tree is no less interesting than the taste of the beverage of his grain. The tea can be brewed from the leaves of coffee, is not as strong as the coffee itself, but it has a rich flavor without the usual tea bitterness.

Moreover, coffee tea contains less caffeine and more antioxidants than ordinary black tea, but also reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease due to the high level contained in it specific compounds.

4. Coffee can simply vdyhat

Especially for people who can not imagine their life without caffeine, but for some reason can not drink coffee on a regular basis, it was developed a portable inhaler «AeroShot», which looks like a plastic cylinder about the size of a hunting cartridge. Each such device contains 100 mg of caffeine. In fact, it is a calorie-free alternative to coffee and other power companies.

To take a dose of caffeine, you just need to pull the lower edge of the green cartridge and take a breath. All matter in the inhaler is enough for six to eight puffs. You can not eat it all at once and close the valve and leave some for later caffeine.

5. A safe dose of caffeine - 400 mg den

Everyone reacts to caffeine in its own way, depending on their metabolism. It has long been established that the abuse of coffee can have a negative impact on the health and safe dose of caffeine for each person is individual and depends on both the physiology and the mode of consumption of the substance.

According to the research of 2003, the safe dose of caffeine for an adult healthy man - 400 mg per day (approximately 500 mg of coffee). A large dose can cause heart problems or negative mood changes.

You should not, however, forget that pregnant women should reduce this rate is almost twice as when an excess of caffeine in the body increases the likelihood of miscarriage. In addition, smokers also should eat less coffee than non-smoker because their body is slowly cleared.

6. Caffeine helps you take the point of view that is different from your sobstvennoy

Caffeine may specifically affect the brain: in particular, it helps you to agree with the statement, which previously were not you agree, since it increases the brain's ability to perceive the logic of foreign judgments.

However, the stronger during the discussion of an issue to be distracted by something that is not related to the subject, the less likely to convince your opponent, because he can not focus on the subject and to give due consideration to the arguments driven.

7. The most expensive coffee in the world is made of excrement slona

This type of coffee is called "Black tusk," it is made in Thailand. Coffee fruit fed Thai elephant beans are digested in their intestines are not fully in and out of the body along with the feces, and through the process of digestion and the effects of stomach acid drink from the thus treated grains has a special rich and mellow flavor without the usual coffee bitterness. In addition, the taste of grain is influenced by other products, which usually feed the elephants - such as bananas and sugar cane. On average, the animal is required about 15-30 hours to digest the fruits of coffee.

The cost of this sort of coffee - $ 1,100 per kg, but if you just want to try it, you will have to pay for a cup of $ 50. The cost stems from the fact that elephants have in the reserves are not so cheap. Moreover, elephants are fed only specially Thai Arabica coffee grown at an altitude of 1500 m, and the elephants need to eat about 32 kg of coffee fruit to produce one kg of coffee beans.

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