Roma came from northwestern India

It was found that the Roma were in the northwest of India about 1, 5 thousand. Years ago, and after six centuries migrated into Europe. This is the conclusion the European Genetics, analyzed the genome of the representatives of this nation. According to specialists, the most likely birthplace of the Roma are now the state of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Kashmir.

"From the point of view of genetics, all Roma combines two things - they come from the north-western India and their ancestors intermarried with other peoples during the migrations in Europe", - quotes the words of the head group of scientists from the University of Manfred Kayser Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

According to scientists, in Europe there are about 11 million Roma, most of them settled in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, including Romania and Hungary.

Since the ancestors of Roma have left behind a written history, experts have tried to restore the chronicle, to compare and contrast the genomes of 13 people from marginalized groups of Roma living in various European countries. "We were interested in exploring the history of the Roma in Europe because they are an important part of the population, but their lack of rights in many countries also seem to affect the representation of the people in scientific research," - said David Koma from the University Pompeu Fabra Spain.

By comparing the differences in the genomes of the device of European and non-European Roma, scientists have found that the first representatives of the people reached the borders of Europe about 900 years ago. According to experts, they initially settled in the Balkans. Now these people, mainly living in Greece, Portugal and Belgium.



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