Gypsies of the 21st century

For more than 25 years, a small number of informal left London to protest against the politicians and moved to the countryside. Their group began to grow over time, it turned into a real camp. Now the community still lives in carts and roaming the country profess the idea of ​​self-sufficiency and freedom from "the evil of the modern world." The story began in the 1990s, when the English middle-class youth, to the horror of their wealthy parents, was fascinated by romantic ideas of independence from any rules and restrictions. Pick up vans, the young people went to a meeting of adventure to deeply breathe the spirit of freedom and equality. And, of course, could not do without alcohol and drugs as a result of constant problems with police and landowners. Since then, new matured Roma, mostly to give up bad habits that got families and kids. In place of the broken Motor Vans came horses and tents.

Twenty-five years ago, Iain McKell took his first photographs of modern vagrants and travelers. During the ten years of observations of the life of a small camp, the photographer has accumulated a lot of stunning photographs, which he collected in a new book titled "New Gypsies".

"To my surprise, traveling by horse carts camp has at its disposal the most modern technology: solar panels, mobile phones, laptops, and, of course, access to Facebook.» - Says Iain McKell. According to the photographer, he was ecstatic, the fact that these guys have managed to combine in your life new and old without being dependent on any one nor the other. Like the ancient Roma, instead of gasoline modern travelers prefer real horsepower

This way of life has become a conscious choice of each of the new Roma. At the same time modern vagrants and travelers do not have any old gypsy traditions. They just decided to spend his life in an endless journey with their families, possessions and horses. One of the earliest photographs taken at the time when the first travelers still used vans instead of horses and wagons.

Probably, just like "Gypsy" played by actor Brad Pitt in Guy Ritchie film "Snatch", released in 2000.



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