At the moment in the world to 500 million more people overweight than starving

Not so bad our world! At least, we have pushed the poverty line far enough away from the developed countries. However, faced with another problem: people still behave as if the food was not enough: Obesity - the scourge of the whole civilized world.

The problem of excess weight was one of the rare in medical practice until the 19th century, when advances in technology are not allowed to establish mass production of food. Throughout the history of excess weight was a sign of wealth, because only the rich could afford to overeat regularly.

In the last century, especially in the last two decades, the number is too full of people in Europe and the United States has increased dramatically. At the moment it is half a billion more than the number of undernourished: 800 million people (that is, of course, very much) every night go to bed hungry, while as 1, 3 billion do not know how to get rid of excess fat to become more beautiful and more healthier. This amount is equal to the entire population of China. Today, 25% of people in the world suffer from obesity, although nothing prevents them to eat less, and it is very sad statistics.



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