As it turned out, blow into the cartridge from the game console Dendy was a pretty stupid idea


The fact that those who as a child played the game consoles NES, in Russia, more commonly known as Dendy - «blowing" was completely useless and even harmful way to get to work "zaglyuchil" cartridge! Almost 30 years after the release of the console, the myth was finally debunked.


Frankie Virutello leading game show Digital Press Webcast told that as a child, when the cartridge is inserted into the console, refused to work or to the screen displayed funky characters instead of playing, he often "blew" the cartridge, as well as all the naive lovers of video games in the time.

«Nothing but the moisture from your breath, harmful to the chip and microscopic pieces of food that fall inside the cartridge, this method does not give. Seriously, once I put the experiment: during the month was blowing into the cartridge 10 times a day and then broke it. And found that inside he was all covered with white bloom disgusting, not to mention the fact that did not work better ».

blockquote> Why is this method has become so popular?

«This is a myth, - explains Frankie - em> based apparently on the fact that after the procedure cartridges often really started to work! Two explanations for this: firstly, the cartridge could be inserted loosely, so pulling it out of the slot and reinsert it, you just got in contact and everything worked. Secondly, the moisture from your breath can serve as a guide and make contacts to work better, while due to corrosion significantly reducing their life ».



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