Emerald cockroach wasp grow inside cockroaches

These innocuous at first glance parasites called emerald cockroach wasp. For reproduction they use an eerie ritual: a few quick and accurate wasp stings a cockroach bites and as a result, though the cockroach able to walk, but loses control of his body. Then the wasp takes him to his burrow and lays her eggs there on his belly. Later, the larvae enter the body of a cockroach and use it as a food.

Normally, the larvae emerge from the eggs within three days after the bite. Cockroaches they eat four or five days. All this time the poor insect remains alive. In fact, the larvae eat the wasps are not too important for the sustenance of internal organs cockroach to maximize its existence. It is necessary for them to pupate.

Emerald cockroach wasp live mainly in the tropical regions of South Asia, Africa and the Pacific islands.

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