Men who have a daughter, kind and sympathetic fathers, sons

A recent study by scientists at the University of the Danish city of Aalborg and their American colleagues from the University of Maryland and the business school at Columbia University revealed a curious fact: the man who has a child of the female sex are usually more sympathetic and benevolent than the one that is growing son, said " The New York Times ยป.

Scientists have studied the style of leadership of the head of ten thousand Danish companies and found that men who are raising daughters tend to demand higher wages for employees than those who at one time a boy was born.

According to information received, the appearance of a man, the head of the child caused him to lower wages to his subordinates, but more carefully examine the results of the study, the team of Professor Michael Dahl came to the conclusion that it is natural only to the birth of the boy, while the birth of a girl does not entail reduction of wages.

Scientists have suggested: so is because communication with his daughter awakens fathers best human qualities, such as caring and empathy. These conclusions are supported by earlier research, during which it became clear that US politicians, who have a daughter, tend to express more liberal views than with the childless or those who have a male child.

Research conducted under the direction of professor at the Free University of Amsterdam, Paul van Lange not only confirmed the information obtained by the Danish and their American counterparts, but they have deepened considerably.

In the experiment, 600 volunteers were invited to share a significant amount of money to a stranger. At the same time showed himself more generous those who were sisters in the family - it is said that sex prevailing in the family environment a person has a significant influence on the formation of his personal qualities.



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