4 interesting historical facts about cosmetics

People started to use cosmetics before our era: the ancient cosmetics were very different from today, but nevertheless successfully fulfilled its purpose - to make a woman beautiful. Here are some interesting facts about cosmetics.

1. That lipstick, which we are accustomed to, was invented relatively recently, in the XV century. Prior to that, European women have used for coloring the lips cochineal, which is a paste of pounded bugs.

However, the ancient Egyptians used the lipstick made from red ocher and natural iron oxides - such means makes lips thinner and brighter.

Now there are many varieties of lipsticks and means on lip care, including therapeutic and prophylactic agents, which not only give her lips a beautiful shade, but also make the lips more delicate and well maintained.

Interesting fact: women prefer bright shades of lipstick, smile more often and are more likely those who use discreet makeup.

2. Blush used in Russia before the arrival of Christianity - for this girl used the grass called "red bruise" and rubbed her cheeks. Curiously, while the cheeks were called breeches, which makes sense, if you trace the etymology of the word, it becomes evident that the words "buttocks" and "berry" is the same root. A berry is known, it is often red: in the presentation of our ancestors is that color should have been cheeks a healthy young beauty.

In different countries in antiquity for narumyanivaniya cheeks used different means: for example, in Greece, women applied to cheeks pounded strawberries or painted their beets.

3. Mascara first appeared in the XIX century. At first she had a dry texture and composed of colorants and carnauba wax. Apply mascara was a little more difficult than it is now: the substance had to rub the brush, comb, and only then applied to the eyelashes.

4. shampoos and other beauty products for hair care came up with the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra: she recommended to apply on the hair mask of lettuce or blue clay to make them smooth, shiny and healthy. In addition, it was she who first hit upon the idea to fight the gray - the Queen advised her to paint a donkey liver, mixed with olive oil or crow eggs.

These recipes have been in vogue not only in Egypt, but throughout Europe until the XV century, until they were replaced not come rough soap.

A hair dye to combat gray hair began to be used only in the XX century. Until the moment of its invention, the women mainly used natural dyes - henna and basma.

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