A loving husband bought his wife of 55 thousand to pay for 56 years of their marriage

American German fell into dependence on buying odezhdy

If love could be measured in dresses, Paul Brockman, probably - the most loving husband in the world. Over the past 56 years, the German-born, now living in Lumite, California, he gave his wife Margot 55,000 dresses, with all the dresses he had chosen himself.

The first ten dresses got him for free - Paul got them in the seaport of Bremen, Germany, where the workers could choose whatever they wanted, when commodity bales were opened - all of the dresses he presented his then girlfriend Margo. After a while, Paul asked his parents for her hand, and they agreed on one condition - the couple try to leave Germany and move to the United States.

They did so, and Paul began working in the construction industry. Soon he was able to create a construction company and wife in no way needed. They both loved to ballroom dancing, so every week go to dance, but Paul wanted his wife to appear each time at a dance in a different dress, and bought her a new weekly. By the time they moved to Los Angeles in 1988, Margo Brockman was already between 25 and 26-Tew Tew thousands of dresses.

Margot never liked shopping, so Paul choose and buy their own dresses. Sometimes he came home with 30 new dresses. He became a regular on all sales, and eventually ceased to care about the size when buying dress "by eye" and not even wondering whether it is suitable Margot. Sometimes he spent all the money that had been with him. The most expensive dress, donated them to Margo, worth $ 300, but she never even wore. Most of these 55,000 dresses never worn.

His wife asked him to leave, saying that all of these dresses are not needed, but Paul did not pay attention to her words. Eventually, he began to hide from her dress, but she noticed that the garage was becoming less and less space. There followed a scandal, and Paul in secret from his wife rented for storage of six containers.

Paul and Margo did not tell anyone about the strange hobby - no close friends or even children: Paul did not want anyone to know about it. Once their daughter Louise had found a hiding place in the garage with dresses and asked my parents what it is. After learning she was very surprised and asked his father what he was going to do with so many dresses, to which he replied: "I'll leave it to you." However, Louise so many old dresses, too, was not necessary, and she offered to sell them, and Paul, oddly enough, agreed.

Sales took Louise. They opened a small shop where dresses hang tight rows, they are able to sell a maximum of three per month. Brockman expects to sell them wholesale, but the buyer is not found.

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