Why do you enjoy watching "horror"?

Did you make kaunterfobiya

How many of us at least once in his life watched horror movies or thrillers, and being in the children's camp did not tell night under a blanket in the dim light of the lantern horror stories? People like that was terrible, even if the most compelling scenes they turn away from the screen. Why do we scare you? Exclusively for the thrill or it attacks the so-called kaunterfobii (fear of wind)? Let's try to figure out if you are certainly not scared.

Thrill seekers do not seek to test themselves fear they are at risk for the sake of the next surge of adrenaline, but it can get it and totally safe occupation.

When kaunterfobii people, as some psychologists, is looking for an opportunity to prove to yourself that it is much colder and bolder than the rest, and for this purpose strives to put yourself to the test, that is to see something terrible. Some children whose parents encourage and educate them fortitude and courage, show a tendency to kaunterfobii also been shown to trigger a strengthening of this phenomenon can be any injury that also changes the reaction at your own.

Kaunterfobnoe behavior can be the cause of extreme sports hobbies. For example, if a person repeatedly bailed out, but it seemed not enough for him dangerous, the next time he could intentionally increase the risk of, for example, until the last moment without revealing saving the dome to be able to face the fear of death "face to face".

According to scientists, almost every person in varying degrees showing signs kaunterfobii, evidenced by a full house theater during the premiere of the next "horror" and the growing sales of various video games, which allow for some time become a member of the "real" fighting and plenty to admire the death and blood of virtual soldiers. Some people run from their fears, while others are seeking a meeting with them - a great phrase for any horror film, by the way.

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