With the help of voice can be extinguished candle

Although scientists until the end is unclear exactly how this rabotaet

If you have a candle and a little time, you can try to extinguish it with your voice. We know exactly what to make it possible, however, a method that works exactly, no.

John Tyndall, who dealt with in the 1800's research in many scientific fields, from the movement of air to the infrared radiation, found that if the voice is loud enough, they will put out a candle. In recent years, scientists are trying to figure out exactly how it works. It seems everything is clear - the sound waves associated with the movement of air. Unfortunately, not all so simple: it is not only the volume, but also in the fact that some of the frequencies to extinguish the flame of a candle are better suited than others.

When you emit a sound there is an alternation of high and low air pressure. Turn up the pressure on the volume of any gas, in this case the air - and you increase the temperature. Reduce the pressure - and the temperature is also reduced. The fire to continue to burn, the heat is required. A sudden drop in air pressure can reduce the temperature around a small fire only if it is extinguished.

You can try to put out the candle so yourself: light a candle, carefully tie up your hair and sing until the fire goes out. It is known that low-frequency sounds - muffled voice - give more chances to extinguish flame. So if you are not the owner of a soprano, put a candle in front of the speaker, and turn recording Barry White.

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