22% of Europeans have never been on the Internet

And in Greece, this figure exceeds 50% 48,349,906

Access to the Internet, according to many modern governments, has become an inalienable right of modern man. This is not surprising: the Internet has completely changed our interaction with each other, ways of doing business and in everyday life greatly.

Thus, the fact that in some developed countries of Europe lives many people who do not go online once in my life, may seem strange. Take, for example Italy: a country "third world" it certainly can not be called, but 35% of Italians never access the Internet. Portugal boasts 33% of citizens in other European countries the percentage of below 10%, but the average in Europe never even opened a search engine 22% of the population.

In some developing countries, only recently joined the European Union and is not very developed in terms of economy and living standards, the percentage is even higher: in Romania - 42%, in Bulgaria - 40%.

And top of the list of countries whose citizens are not interested in the Internet, takes Greece - a whopping 51% of people have never been on the Internet. Perhaps the Greeks prefer to surf on this wave, not surf the Web page.

via factroom.ru


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