Space smells like raspberries

Big raspberry aromatizator

Well, we do not have to fly into space to enjoy a bit of raspberry. But just in case you should know that space - it's a big raspberry flavoring. Of course, this does not mean that there have lost their candy brothers in mind - a somewhat more scientific, and thus, as always, more fantastic than fiction.

Chemical ethyl formate - is an ester occurs when ethanol, and formic acid react. The same chemical raspberry gives it a unique flavor.

Unfortunately, frolic in dust clouds with raspberry flavor - bad idea. Although in general the methyl ester of formic acid is approved by the Commission for the control of medicines and nutrients at this concentration it may be dangerous.

If you could breathe in space and have been able to fly through a cloud with his mouth open, it probably would be faced with a bunch of problems: irritation of the eyes, skin, mucous membranes and the respiratory and nervous exhaustion.

Raspberries can be there, do not worry - an overdose of it, you will not be able to obtain, and in small doses, the substance is even useful.



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