4 things that smell is not the case, how do you propose

Smells very important - in the evaluation of things surrounding the brain rely on olfactory information is almost the same as on the visual. It is believed that these two concepts are interrelated: if someone looks like a tramp, then we assume that the smell of it, respectively. But it does not always work so well. We invite you to get to know four things that produce quite the smell, what you can expect:

1. Back "bear cat" smells like popkorn

Binturong, a number of countries known as the "bear cat" really looks like a stray cat, which had to go through a lot. These animals surly character when they are frightened, then let out a thin stream of liquid with a pungent odor that causes a burning sensation when inhaling. And if a man angry binturong, he may even help him or defecate with tree branches.

However, when the animal wants to mark territory, it starts to smell like a cinema hall. Cat bears no less than ordinary cats, love to rub on the angles, trees and people to mark them as "their».

Unlike cats, binturong anal glands emit a smell similar to the smell of popcorn. So in the last minutes before he managed natural needs, the smell can even be called pleasant.

2. truffles smell like a very courageous muzhchiny

Try truffles are not so simple - they cost $ 1,200 a pound. Therefore, if you treat the most about 99% of people who have ever tried in my life any mushrooms, truffles but you can assume that the truffles smell about the same. Nothing of the sort.

These "elite mushrooms" contain androstenol close on properties to testosterone, so the smell of them as men, and quite brave. The researchers conducted an experiment: sprayed with one of the two showers androstenol and offered to men and women to choose one of them. Almost all men to avoid the "smelly" booths, and women, on the contrary, it is chosen by finding the smell inside the "pleasant, even irresistible».

Here is the answer to the question why truffles are so expensive.

3. Outer space smells svarkoy

Does anyone seriously thought about the smell of space? It seems that it should not even have any odor. What kind of smell can be discussed in a vacuum?

It turns out that the space smells awful. Many astronauts say that after returning from outer space they smell like "welding fumes", "palёnoe meat" or "sulfur." It is of great interest to NASA, so that the ISS was invited to the perfumer, who was to faithfully recreate the smell of space. Incidentally, the portfolio eccentric perfumer has had similar work - he made a perfume with the smell of the space station "Mir».

In general, if you want to feel at home the smell of space, simply start welding.

4. Hunger smells like fruit and alkogol

Once you permanently cease to eat, your body begins to digest itself. First, it absorbs carbohydrates, then taken for fats and eventually comes to protein. This is extremely dangerous to health, and hungry people look terrible, so it is more than ironic that hunger is very pleasant smell.

This scent is a subtle blend of fruit and alcohol. This occurs because of the fact that fats are broken down to molecules called ketones contained in these fruits and berries, such as raspberry. And when you are literally dying of hunger, you smell like from the delicious desserts. C'est la vie.

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