Baby can be taught sign language to communicate with him until he starts to speak

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Dr. Susan Goodwin from California State University and Dr. Linda Acredolo of the University of California found that children who learn sign language before they learn to speak, demonstrate more advanced language skills. Also, they are capable of more complex social interactions than children who learn to communicate only with the help of speech.

Previously, there were fears that teaching sign language may hinder children learn to speak. But parents only need to talk with your child when they show him any gestures that he understood that the word and the sign, in fact, mean the same thing.

Children can be taught sign language at six months. First, they can cope with the 12 words-signs. Once children understand the value of the signs, they will try to point out everything that surrounds them.

Many parents teach their children to express their needs with gestures - it helps parents better understand their children. Most often it is the simple signs like "more," "eat" or "drink". Agree, a useful skill - both for children and for parents.



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