Dragonflies - the most advanced in the world of predators: their hunt is successful in 95% of cases

Even lions and white sharks to them dotyagivayut

Peace - a dangerous place. At least, for many species, because there are predators that need to hunt other animals to survive. But from the point of view of efficiency, not all predators alike.

If we talk about efficiency, there is above all are dragonflies: they hunt succeeds in 95% of cases. It gives a special respect, given that dragonflies have to attack from the air.

For comparison, take the lion king of beasts gets a quarter of total production, for which he hunts, and then we have to work hard. Or the great white shark - with all its deadliness she manages to catch only about half of the victims desired.

So what's the secret of success of dragonflies? Scientists have found that dragonflies special nervous system, allowing them no time to focus on a single object. Neurons in the brain dragonfly responsible for the flight and movement, give it a unique ability to pursue a moving target, calculate their own actions, instantly change the trajectory and eventually grab the victim.

Then the process begins again - dragonflies appetite is such that it fully meet the almost impossible.

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