American family did without sugar a year

Now they have again started to have sugar, but only prazdnikam

Once Eva Schaub read about the dangers of sugar and realized that this must have something to do. She learned that sugar - the cause of disease and obesity most Americans: one in seven people have metabolic syndrome, one in three is obese, and every year an increasing number of patients with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Armed with new knowledge, Eve was a new meal plan for myself, husband and two daughters, and six of eleven.

Eve decided to test whether her family live without any kind of sugar-containing products for one year. According to her, she wanted to find out what will change, as it will be difficult. After a year without sugar, she is convinced that her entire family became healthier.

Schaub did not lose weight, but noticed other changes: over time, tastes began to change - sweet things began to seem tasteless. Schaub feel healthier, have less sick, and if they catch a cold, it is not as hard as before, and recover faster.

Once a month, were allowed to eat a dessert with sugar. In the first month it was a holiday, and then - no longer wanted. For my birthday my husband asked for a banana cake. Eve was very surprised when I realized that the taste of the cake completely not like her: she could not even finish eating it, so it seemed cloying.

A year passed, and eat sugar again, it is already possible, but Eve says that to do so would not be desirable. Schaub try to avoid sugar, and desserts are buying only for special occasions. Based on his experience, Eva wrote a book "The Year of sugar: A Memoir." She believes that people should be aware of how many products actually contain sugar.



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