Sign language for babies who are not yet able to speak

Child psychologist Nancy Kajal to help parents come up with a simple sign language with which to communicate with their kids who are not yet able to speak. So kids can tell, for example, would not mind another drink milk or get the help of an adult. At the heart of many gestures - simple movements that make all the kids. For example, show empty hands - "all, nothing elseĀ».

Nancy said that body language helps eliminate tantrums that happen because the child can not express their wishes. In addition, children who have mastered the first such communication, begin to speak earlier. Learning sign language can have 7-9 months.

Website has translated the description of the 20 most relevant non-verbal signs in the book Nancy Kajal "Baby gesturesĀ».

It is not necessary to learn all the gestures. You can take only what is useful to your family, and to supplement the, for example, symbols of animals if the child loves animals. Leo can be shown, raising his hands circle around the head (this will be the mane) and elephant - having put his hand to his nose (trunk). Here already all depends on your imagination.

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