10 very successful people in the early career of the victims of major setbacks

Stop - this is also part putiDobitsya success in life is not easy - if you ask held a man that helped him climb the top step of the career ladder, it is likely in response to hear something like "tenacity, patience, devotion to favorite business and hard work" and some even mentioned that in the beginning all need to face the challenges and make mistakes. The failure go hand in hand with success, so do not get frustrated and give up on the goal, if not everything goes exactly as planned. Without exception, all the great entrepreneurs, inventors and writers in a life time to overcome various obstacles in the end, in the words of Winston Churchill: "Success - is a movement from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm»

1. Steven Spilberg

About Who is Steven Spielberg, know almost everything. The name of one of the greatest directors of our time, has given mankind masterpieces like "Jurassic Park," "Schindler's List", and action adventure with Indiana Jones, has long been synonymous with success and demand: if the poster as a director Set Spielberg, rest assured - cinema halls are overcrowded. However, before you become famous, Steven had to go through a losing streak that nearly put an end to his career.

When the future cinema genius enters school of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, it did not pass the selection because of the low average score. Thrust boy tried again to pass the exams and waiting for him again refused. Not losing hope, Stephen sent the documents to the other faculty and again to no avail.

Another in his place would have been disappointed in the film forever, but the young man was determined and entered the Technical College, outside of school time, directed a short film, which is noticed in the studio Universal Pictures ... further look at the history of cinema screens.

2. Marilyn Monro

Despite the fact that Monroe died half a century ago, it still remains a real icon for millions of people around the world - she dedicate songs, books, poems, not to mention the numerous films about her life's journey, which should be noted, It was not the easiest.

As a child, née Norma Jeane Mortenson had a long time to wander the boarding schools, orphanages and foster families, because my own mother could not take care of his daughter. In 16 years, Norma married, mostly to avoid being sent to another orphanage in Los Angeles, and four years later she was asked to play in a crowd in one of the films the studio 20th Century Fox, but then there was a pseudonym Marilyn Monroe. The first film experience was not very successful and in 1948, Marilyn's contract with Columbia Pictures, but soon a contract was terminated - in the opinion of employees Columbia, for a career as an actress she did not have any talent, or even external data (this Monroe something! ).

Fortunately, all of these troubles are not turned away from her Marilyn Hollywood dream - stubbornly continues to appear in the episodes, she finally got her first major role, then the career skyrocketed.

3. Milton Hershi

Creator chocolate empire «Hershey Chocolate», before he became a successful businessman, had to master other specialties - for example, while Milton labored Typesetter, and later took a confectionery factory, where he became acquainted with the technology of production of sweets and chocolate. Inspired by the idea of ​​creating sweets, Hershey after a few years he decided to organize his own company, but the first experience in this area proved unsuccessful.

Failure did not stop the budding industrialist - Milton went to Denver (Colorado), to grasp the secrets of technology of caramel. After receiving all the necessary skills, the entrepreneur tried to set up production in New York, but again fiasco - Business stubbornly refused to make a profit. Two strokes of fate have not weakened the resolve to engage in Hershey confectionery business, he returned to the farm of his family and began to experiment with different ingredients in the hope of creating a unique recipe for candy. Finally, it was found - milk chocolate Hershey Milton instantly became a bestseller in the confectionery market. Make money by selling chocolate, businessman opened his own factory, which brought him fabulous money and fame.

4. Theodore Geyzel

Worldwide Geisel better known as Dr. Seuss - under this pseudonym, he wrote several children's books, which have become true classics of children's literature, and in English-speaking countries on the books of Dr. Seuss children still learn to read.

Of course, Geisel was not born in the light of the successful and wealthy - for example, before his first work called "To think that I saw Mulberry Street" was published, the publishers refused the young author 27 times.

Sharks publishing business Geisel asserted that his story about the power of a child's imagination is meaningless and of no interest either for children or for adults and writer was ready to surrender. Geisel once walked the streets of New York, thinking about the next discouraging failure and ran into an old friend, who, as it turned out later, was the editor of the children's department of one of New York publishing houses. After reading the essay Geisel, the editor decided to publish it, and soon the name of Dr. Seuss thundered to the whole world.

5. Henry Ford

Henry Ford is without doubt one of the most eminent men of his time - to develop the basic principles of line production, Ford made a revolution not only in the production of cars, but also a wide variety of industries. It was he who created the first in the history of the mass car, Ford T, who could afford to buy not only the rich, but also people with average incomes.

On the way to the success of Henry lay in wait two failures, which fortunately did not become fatal for his career. The first company established by Ford, called the Detroit Automobile Company - it became a sponsor of the businessman William H. Murphy, and the Ford directly engaged in development and production cars. After a year and a half after the opening of an investor, the company has closed - because of lackluster appearance of its products, sales were miserable. Henry Ford Murphy persuaded him to allocate more money and created another company called the Henry Ford Company, however, and that his idea failed - production was unprofitable, so the first two road "pancake" Ford came out lumpy.

After leaving the company and cease cooperation with Murphy, Ford has established a business relationship with a merchant coal Alexander Malcomson, a Scot by birth, who has financed another ambitious undertaking Henry. Improve the design of vehicles, Ford has made a new profitable company gradually Ford Motor Company has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of automobiles and it remains still.

6. Bill Geyts

Not everyone knows that the first company founded by the famous Bill Gates, was not Microsoft. The company Traf-0-Data, created by Gates and his friends when they were still in college, engaged in the development of road traffic counters for the needs of the city authorities. Despite the promise that promised cooperation with the state, the first company of the future of computer magnate pretty quickly ceased to exist. The trial version of one of the products tested failed, causing Gates reputation was thoroughly stained.

Despite the fiasco, Gates and his comrades did not give up and after a few years of hard, and we can say, selfless work they founded Microsoft, which eventually became the world's largest provider of software for personal computers.

7. Steven King

When it comes to literature, genre horror, someone is sure to remember the Stephen King - writer's name has long been synonymous fear that the American genius managed to arouse readers simply arranging words and sentences in a certain sequence. His works, such as "Misery," "The Shining" and "Confrontation" are considered masterpieces, and of the King's audience and critics respectfully refer to as "The King of Horror", and the road of "King" to the "throne" was quite thorny.

Fans of the writer will remember that the first book King, admitted to publication, was "Carrie" - the story of a teenage girl, possessing telekinetic abilities. Less well-known fact - the publishers of "wrapped" "Carrie" is not once or twice or even 27 times, as in the case of Dr. Seuss, and as many as 30! After thirty refusal King was disappointed in the product, and threw the manuscript in the trash, but there it found the writer's wife, who consoled brilliant but unrecognized husband and encouraged him not to give up. Steven listened to the requests of his wife and went back to "Carrie" in one of the publishers. As it turned out, they were prophetic words of his wife - the editors liked the book and decided to publish it, and then kingovskogo triumphal march across the planet to stop the terror was no longer possible.

8. David Garland Sanders

If we call that person by name, it is unlikely someone will recognize him, but if you instead say "Colonel Sanders", all immediately understand that we are talking about the creator of one of the largest networks in the world of fast food restaurants Kentucky Fried Chicken. Colonel Sanders - a living proof that success can be achieved at any age and in any case close to you, the main thing hard and fruitful work to achieve objectives.

After retiring from military service Garland Sanders worked as an insurance agent, firefighters, farmers, and even had a small gas station, where locals go to eat chicken wings, cooked his own colonel. That is what eventually became the key to the door, behind which lurked a success - a dish so good he could, that the popularity of Sanders grew and soon he was able to expand the business. With the retirement of at Garland's an opportunity to give a cooking almost all his spare time and he spent several years traveling across the United States, offering a recipe to owners of roadside eateries, but the result was not - there is a legend that Sanders received more than a thousand failures before its preparation method chicken wings anyone interested. However, purposeful Colonel had his and now it's fast-food chain includes more than 16 thousand schools in 110 countries around the world.

9. Walt Disney

Walt Disney Animation Studios has long liked not only the children of the world, but also for adults - they can be called a true cultural phenomenon. Without Disney would have no Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck or Goofy or other characters, which grew several generations of viewers.

I must say, life is more like a Disney Thode on the animated film, rather than the history of the most successful cartoonist of all time -naprimer from Kansas City newspaper was fired for what Disney was "not enough creativity." His idea of ​​Mickey Mouse MGM Studios rejected due to the fact that, according to studio staff, the mouse on screen could scare the female part of the audience, and "The Three Little Pigs" is not passed, because the cartoon was only four protagonists.

Walt Disney worked, not paying attention to the critics, so that his studio has become the leading factory for the production of cartoons and it remains to this day.

10. Michael Dzhordan

For fans of basketball Michael Jordan is like a superhero - at least on the basketball court. His craftsmanship is still legends, achieving great athlete is really impressive - two Olympic "gold", six titles NBA, Jordan also admitted five times the most valuable player of the season. To achieve all this, Michael had to overcome himself and to prove that his height does not matter - at the very beginning of his career, the champion considered too undersized for basketball.

In his youth, Michael, along with his older brother Larry were resting in a children's sports camp, and he was asked to play for the national team of college basketball. The talent of the future legends of basketball coaches pleasantly surprised, but the team did not take Jordan - basketball standards for its growth was not too outstanding. At the end of the season, did not find his name in the list of permanent staff team, Michael decided that all his dreams end and return home, even to cry. Fortunately, loving mother would not allow her son to put an end to his sports career and insisted that Michael has continued to improve their skills. Sam Jordan, already a champion, recalled: "My mother said that the best thing I can do - to prove to the coach that he was wrong».

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