8 countries, but legitimate ways to make money using your own body

Easy earnings?

We are all human, and we all want to live in prosperity, applying to this a minimum of effort. All that took these people to make a lot of money on the internet - this is their body. Maybe some of the easiest ways to make money and is suitable for you?

1. The brain: a composer writes songs on popular topics, earned $ 23 00,064,208,864

This composer, who used his brain to make $ 23,000 in sales of music that a lot, considering the current state of the industry.

Matt Farley wrote 14,000 songs and 500 albums released on iTunes and Spotify. Such money was brought to him a song about popular topics on the internet, for example, about the stars, movies and even, sorry, crap. For example, he wrote the song «Will You Go to the Prom With Me ____», which has different versions for hundreds of different names. Due to the great number of melodies and catchy names that Farley has accumulated a lot of money, no matter how bad the song. Speaking of bad songs, you can watch a video of one of his songs titled «Poop».

2. Thumbs: gamer plays «Minecraft» and earns milliony

His name was Joseph Garrett, but for millions of 14-year-old guy known as Stampylonghead. Using just your thumbs (okay, more eyes and brain), he plays in «Minecraft», a video recording of their games together with amusing commentary and his British accent, and then spread on YouTube.

Due to the fact that he is good in the game, his videos have earned millions of views and millions of dollars due to the placement of advertising. He is only 23 years old, and he gave up his day job and is awash in money (recently, another gamer, PewDePie, said the same thing). That is one of the adventures in Stumpy «Minecraft», which earned more than five million page views:

3. Mouth: woman earned $ 9,000, eating a bunch of food on the camera

Park Seo-ene from South Korea - a girl, too, to make money with the help of video on YouTube. In her case, she uses her mouth (and stomach), eating a mountain of food. She is known as «The Diva» and has his followers in South Korea, known as the "gastronomic voyeurs" who like to watch how other people eat.

Because of its popularity, she quit her full-time job in a consulting firm and is now eating for three hours a day. She is so not alone - there are still 3,500 consumers of South Korea, some of them sponsored by restaurants. Just look at her gluttony!

4. Hair: Hair woman sells online for $ 400,031,600,703

Hippies who want to earn money, it may be interesting to look at Hairwork.com, who argues that it is the first site in the United States for the sale of hair. One girl, Debra Joerg, sold almost 80 cm of his golden locks for $ 4,000.

Natural human hair wigs are popular for the manufacture and Hairwork.com was just the first of many sites to offer buyers and sellers to trade hair. If you have long hair, it is a place just to meet your needs.

5. Person: guys have leased their faces to pay dolgov

Fearless British Ross Harper and Ed Moyse tried to get rid of their student debt with a pencil for makeup and their faces. They created a website BuyMyFace.com in October of 2011 and the whole year sold their faces for advertising. They began to sell seats on the face for £ 1 (about $ 1, 67), but soon the price of advertising space on the face soared to $ 600. Now the site is closed, and the boys moved on to other business projects, but reported that they earned $ 50,000 for his debt of $ 80 000.

6. "hot spots": sale of used panties

If Ross and Ed were girls, they would have eliminated the remainder of its debt participation in this stupid company - trade of wearing panties. Yes, there is a fetish for everything, and obviously there are people who are eager to touch and smell of women's underwear.

That's the idea behind www.sellpantiesformoney.com - where any resourceful woman can expose their dirty panties for sale. One girl using the name «Mia», made $ 33,000 on what panties worn for several hours, and then gave a classified ad. It will charge extra for dirty marks (phew!) That seems to be very popular among buyers.

7. Torso: a man wearing a new shirt every day and earns $ 500 000 god

It's a little less disgusting. Jason Sadler has made half a million a year simply by changing the t-shirts with logos of different companies every day. He started in the year 2009, by requesting $ 1 on January 1 and reaching $ 365 for January 31. The first year was so successful ($ 70,000), which Sadler has expanded its team shirts and continued for several years, reportedly earning $ 500,000 a year. In 2012, he sold at auction his name, changed his name to Jason Headsets.com, for $ 45 000.

8. The soul: a man has been sold to investors for $ 1 per aktsiyu

This transaction, which approved the devil himself: in 2008, Mike Merrill divided his "soul" to the 100,000 shares and sold for $ 1 each. He gave the people a voice about all the personal decisions of his life, including investing in a chicken farmer in Rwanda ("yes") or vasectomy ("no»).

Of course, life is reputedly shareholders may be good for the corporation, but a real live person it can be difficult and, in the end, his girlfriend Willow, which was a major shareholder, sold shares, and broke up with him.

KMikeyM shares still available (at the moment the price is about $ 5), and you can take part in all the decisions of his life in the experiment, which he calls "the Community through capitalism».

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