In Japan, came out of their own, completely insane, "The Truman Show"

Life on totalizatore

«Prize Contest Life» - a Japanese TV show that by the end of the nineties could even oust the legendary Truman Show. 23-year-old Japanese man named Nasubi lived in an apartment that was completely empty. It was nothing other than phone, coffee table and shelves for magazines. There was no bed, TV, pillows. The Japanese did not even have clothes.

The aim was to get a TV show game points by playing the sweepstakes. Get them to be, performing various tasks, and taking part in competitions. These points can then be exchanged for something useful. During the show the Japanese was able to get a lot of random items such as concert tickets «Spice Girls», which he could not go, because I leave the apartment has been banned, lingerie (which was the only clothes he got during the show) bicycle, on which he could not ride, a few bags of rice, a few golf balls, watermelon, duck meat and much more.

A few months later the show was extremely popular, and it caused producers to hire an additional staff of 50 people, which controlled to the genitals Nasubi the videos were always closed. When Nasubi failed to reach its goal of 1 million yen, he was taken to Korea, where he was to undergo further tests varied in order to earn money for the trip. Nasubi held in isolation for a total of 15 months, not even knowing what has become known. At the end of the show room collapsed, naked and completely astonished Nasubi faced the audience in the studio and on television for him at this moment there is about 15 million people.



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