7 proven ways to keep happiness

Life should bring udovolstvie

In this article we will tell you about the ten scientifically tested way to increase the level of happiness in life, delight, positive, peace - of emotions, of which there is a feeling of happiness. We hope that they will seem compelling and help change lives for the better.

1. Cherish the experience of more than veschami

Cornell University psychologist Thomas Gilovich spent a lot of research on the topic, why it is better to appreciate the memories and pleasant experience, and not material things that you bought. In a study published in the journal "Personality and Social Psychology," called a lot of reasons for this approach: when we compare other people's things with her or see things better, than ours, it destroys the pleasure obtained at the time of purchase. It does not matter, what's the stunning television, computer or car - someone he is better, and we are unhappy.

But the fun of the experience is not so easy to kill. Experience memories and impressions belong to us and only us. They are unique. And they provide the happiness over and over again. You should always strive to go to the new location, or even just a walk. The authorities should be to build more parks, where people were to rest and not to build up the whole town shopping centers.

2. Positive thinking affects the efficiency of

«happiness precedes success" - Shawn Achor.


It looks like a pie in the sky? A specialist in the field of positive psychology, Shawn Achor argues that knowing all affect your happiness factors - stress, trouble, success, financial difficulties or lack of them, personal relationships, and so on - it can predict the duration of your happiness only 10%. The remaining 90% depends on how you interact with the world. If you think that happy can only be a successful person, it is unlikely that you will be happy here and now. You will constantly strive for higher environmental assessment, the greater the salary and so on.

Positive thinking raises the level of energy, creativity, and personal efficiency by as much as 30%. The secret is to think positively now, not when you become rich and famous.

3. From the negative thoughts need izbavitsyaPoroy negative thoughts in your head too much, and it is difficult to get rid of them. According to the results of research to professionals University of Madrid have developed a number of recommendations, the most simple of them - to record all ideas on a sheet of paper, and then get rid of it either break or throw in the trash or burn.

When you literally physically throw out your negative thoughts, damage to the psyche of the stress is reduced. Try it at least once, and if you feel the effect - repeated regularly.

4. More sports! 57,106,135

We have never met a man who had just left the gym and at the same time - in a bad mood, and we have, and scientific arguments. The University of Toronto has done a great job - reviewed no less than 25 studies on the relationship of physical activity and good mood. Conclusion: Physical activity helps with depression and fear.

The most interesting of these studies involved three groups of people suffering from depression. One group was treated with antidepressants, the other just active in sports, and a third did both, and more. Six months later, in the group that was treated only in sports, the recurrence rate was only 9%. And in the other two groups were much more likely to relapse - from 31% to 38%, and about one third of the subjects currently again suffers from depression.

5. VysypaytesEsli you do not get enough sleep, the mood you are sure you will be poor. That is the conclusion reached by researchers after several experiments. One particularly interesting experience: they studied the hippocampus - a brain region responsible for processing the positive thoughts. When we sleep enough, this feature is "junk" and the negative thoughts visit us more often.

The researchers asked the students do not get enough sleep for several nights, to remember a list of words. Negative words easily remembered (81%), and positive or neutral worse (31%). Similar experiments were also conducted, Dr. Robert Stickgold. That's why people do not get enough sleep are always in a bad mood.

6. Practice osoznannostChto is mindfulness? This means that you need to fully concentrate on the present moment, to evaluate it and take an open mind. This approach is popular in psychology and medicine. If you do this regularly, you boost your mood, reduce stress, resulting in a better quality of life.

Focus on the present moment means enjoy pleasant to touch things, smell or other physical sensations, and happy feelings. Focus on the joy that it brings to you. The method is really effective: it is necessary to forget the past, do not be afraid of the future and to be here now.

But what science says about this? A researcher from Harvard Killingworth Matt explained that we are happier when we are here and now, and miserable, when thoughts wander somewhere far away. That is the conclusion he came, examined 15 000 people.

7. Make a list of blagodarnosteyDumat about what you are grateful, and feel grateful simply for the fact that you wake up - a great way to be happy.

Brain research shows that we always try to focus on the bad things: fear, tragedy, failure, dissatisfaction. Many of us take the default negative position.

«We tend to have a negative - it's an old vulnerability in the brain," - neuropsychologist Rick Hanson.

blockquote> That is why you need to focus on gratitude. We must learn to be grateful. How? For example:

  • When we woke up, remind yourself about the three things for which you can be grateful for right now;
  • You can even write down these three things and save the list to remind ourselves of this again and again < /
  • If you want to tell your friends about it on Twitter or Facebook. It is useful sometimes to remind people that all this really works
  • Call your beloved and tell her "thank you" simply because she / he is. Or thank my colleagues for their help in the work;
  • Help your people to volunteer or work a few hours a week.
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