Non-Newtonian fluid

In the kitchen, in addition to cooking, you can put all sorts of interesting and experiments. One of them - the properties of non-Newtonian fluid. For those who are reluctant to go into Wikipedia, I will say briefly that this liquid behaves differently depending on the exposure. If the affect it dramatically, stronger, faster - it exhibits properties similar to the properties of solids, and with a slow exposure becomes a liquid. Surely you've encountered such a liquid when cooked oatmeal. For thickening jelly starch is mixed with a small amount of fluid and perhaps you noticed that such a thing as a bad stirred, feeling that lumps remain and starch settles all the time. This is especially noticeable if interfere quickly feel resistance. And if you interfere with the slow, fluid homogeneous. For the experiment, mix approximately equal amounts of starch and water (water even less) by pouring water on the starch and stirring. The result was a white liquid, pour it into the palm.

Rapid movements try to roll a ball or sausage.

Or slowly lower your finger in a bowl.

And another finger tap on the liquid rapidly - you will feel that it is elastic and the finger will remain clean.

Slowly lower into the liquid thumb and index finger.


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