It's fun to remember every child a long time! And all you need - a little starch ...

A little bit of magic does not hurt never! Magical entertainment, of which you have just read, will amaze you. But do not think that the secret of this wonderful toy fairy gave us: not at all. The secret of liquid that can dance and to change its structure, reveals simple physics. In science this is called non-Newtonian fluid. The fact that the name is - not surprisingly, since this substance violates all conceivable laws.

Have you intrigued? And here is another joy: the behavior of the fluid of interest can easily make in your kitchen. All that you need for this is likely already there. In order to see "live" fluid, you only need to mix starch - normal or corn - with water at a ratio of 1: 1. Stir the mixture well. Wonder fluid immediately be ready for a variety of entertainment.

To start pour the liquid into a shallow container, such as baking. Turn rhythmic music, which will be a sufficient amount of bass. Now - an important point: put a container of liquid to the column. And watch ... What you will see, at first you shock. The liquid will change its viscosity, it becomes thick, then spread. And all this - without your participation. Great dance, from which rise the mood immediately.

Take liquid in hand and play with it. If your movements are smooth, it will drain on the fingers, drip. If you jerk somnesh liquid in a ball and hit them on the floor - it will bounce like a real ball. It is possible to form a tight ball and place it on a surface with a small hole. You are very surprised when they see how the mixture slowly flows, changing its consistency.

Needless to say, in which the child will be delighted by this time! If you add in "Dances fluid" a couple of drops of food coloring in different colors, the effect of the experience will be even more striking.

Warning: this is beyond ecstatic state. If you add 1 jar of condensed milk 1 tbsp. l. cornstarch and food coloring, you get an edible version of this miracle liquid! Experiment, Dari child pleasure and do not stop surprising the world, no matter how much you may be years.

Give your friends an idea for an exciting entertainment: show them the recipe for "a dancing liquid».

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