The house in the woods which is much more than what you're thinking

If you want to hide a tree, hide it in the woods. If you want to hide the house, hide it in the forest, too, but before that sheathe the walls with huge mirrored panels. House of the Polish architectural organization "Reform Architekt" to be built in the woods of Warsaw. So far, this house is at the stage of the concept, but there it is fully functional layout that fully reflects his vision.

The project is planned to be used at home as much as possible natural materialov

As you can see, the house is actually much greater than might appear from the outset. This effect is achieved through the mirror panels, attached to the facade of the building. Huge mirrors reflect the surrounding countryside, giving it the illusion of nevidimosti

It seems that the upper part of a house floating in nebe

With the doors open house is like a portal to neizvedannoe

The lower portion of the house, and a little longer protrudes compared with an upper portion that is slightly dlinnee

This is the actual architecture of the mirror at home, according to which real house would look exactly


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