7 the most common things that people have seen after clinical death

Life after death, what we know about her? Of course, in addition, that tells us in the Bible, but where concrete evidence? In this regard, there is nothing concrete, but sometimes life gives us little samplers of life after death, called clinical death. People who have experienced clinical death, often come back to life with stories about what they saw during their "absence". Scientists from the University of Southampton in 2060 studied the stories of patients and 7 of them have chosen the most common visions after clinical death.


Many people have experienced panic

"I was terrified. I was told that I was going to die, and before he died, I had to have the last short word "

"As if someone drags on the depth of the well. I hate to swim - it was awful "

Violence and presledovanie

Some saw scenes of violence, or what seemed to them a very aggressive

"I had to go through the ceremony ... burning ceremony. With me were four other men who were also waiting for death ... I saw people who were buried in coffins. Everything that happens to me seemed full of violence. I'm not a violent person, but then nothing from me depended "

Actual events after smerti

Some patients remember things that happened to them after the death of

"I felt the doctors got the phone out of my mouth"


This effect experienced the people during clinical death, and after already come a

"I felt a sense of deja vu, as if I knew that the people around me were going to do before they did it. It lasted about 3 days "

Plants zhivotnyh

One of the most common vision after clinical death, are the plants and animals

"A lot of plants, and no flower"

"I saw a lot of lions and tigers"

Bright svet

Perhaps the most well-known and common vision among those who have experienced clinical death

"The sun was shining"

"I remember the golden flash of light"

Family and druzey

Also, many people thought that they see their loved ones

"I saw about 10 members of his family, but was not able to talk to them"


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