10 wedding dresses that never should not be worn, not to frighten away the Bridegroom

Wedding Celebration - an exciting moment, not only for newlyweds, but also for their close environment. Usually, the bride all day long selects a suitable outfit, along with their mothers and girlfriends. When you look at these 10 wedding dresses, it is very hard to believe that someone had long chosen. And how could even volunteer to wear something from this list is the most important day of your life?

These dresses could wear to a wedding only on the dispute or for fun. But private wedding is not happening every day. Remember: never argue for such things, even if you believe that they are right a hundred.

1. Easter Egg

2. Alien Bride

4. This outfit seems to be made of polyethylene

5. And this reminds got wet notebook

6. Edible cake dress

9. The dress made of balloons

10. A la "The Fifth Element»

People who create these dresses have truly boundless imagination. Some of these outfits guaranteed to groom a stupor that he can forget why you came. Therefore, for the sake of family happiness is best to avoid these wedding dresses. Share this incredibly funny compilation with your friends!


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