10 Scariest places in the world, which will be decided Visit is not for everyone!

There are places on this planet, from which the creeps, here we go just such. They are so desperate, and how interesting.

1. Mutter Museum of Medical History in Philadelphia

Mütter Museum - a museum of pathologies, ancient medical equipment and biological exhibits, located in the old trains doctors complex in North America. Most of all, this museum is famous for its huge collection of skulls, collected here and all sorts of unique items, such as the corpse of a woman, who turned into a soap in the land where she was buried. Here Siamese twins with a combined liver, skeleton-headed child and other eerie exhibits.

2. Truk Lagoon in Micronesia

A significant part of the Japanese Navy is now on the bottom of a shallow Truk Lagoon in Micronesia, south-west of Hawaii. The blue depths surveyed by Jacques Cousteau in 1971 and splashed with fragments of warships and aircraft carriers sunk in 1944, became available for divers. While some are still afraid crews never left their fighting positions. Ships and planes has long grown into the coral reefs, but so far their victims are more and more too curious tourists, popping your nose where you should not.

3. Witching market Sonora in Mexico City

The Witches of Mexico, sitting in cramped cubicles, for 10 bucks promised quick relief from poverty and adultery, and in the cells on the walls of tents hung for sale tortured exotic iguanas, frogs and wild birds. Sonora Market is open every day for pilgrims from Mexico and tourists from distant places to go for Fortune and promises of a better life. This is the place where all the locals pribarahlyaetsya "supernatural" gizmos, from potions on ancient Aztec recipes to Buddha statues. Hardcore enthusiasts may be able to buy here a little blood of a rattlesnake or dried hummingbirds for taming luck. But we should remember that witchcraft in Mexico - this is no joke: The National Association of witches was involved in the presidential elections to using spells to turn them into free and fair.

4. Easter Island, Chile

One of the most mysterious places on earth is Easter Island, where there are huge carved stone figures of giants, burrowing into the ground under the weight of thousands of years. Statues look to the sky, as if guilty of some mystical crimes. And only a stone giants know where people have disappeared, install them. On Easter Island, no one knows the secret manufacture and movement, as well as the installation of these giant statues rising to 21 meters and weighing up to 90 tons. But they are often moved for more than 20 kilometers from the quarry where the ancient sculptors worked. Now on the island, where once powerful civilization flourished, barely a glimmer of life, and no one knows where did the mysterious builders and where they then disappeared.

5. Manchak Swamp in Louisiana

Flowing through the swamps in the torchlight boats with tourists surrounded by ancient cypress trees and cypress branches hanging from long strands of moss. Howling, who heard far away, may belong to rou-ga-rou - Cajun version of werewolf.

Marshes Manchak also called "swamp ghosts." Are they near New Orleans, and it's just a dream ready. It is said that the swamp voodoo curse the Queen when she captured at the beginning of the XX century. As a result, in a hurricane in 1915 there disappeared three villages. Rest of the avian cemetery violated only occasionally pop-up corpses - a legacy business in more than 100 years ago. In addition, the alligators, which are more than corpses, not disdain and fresh tourist meat.

6. Paris Catacombs, France

The bones and skulls stacked on both sides of the corridor, as the goods in stock - a lot of goods. The air is dry and is just a subtle hint of decomposition. Here there is an inscription, mainly the Great French Revolution, sending the king and nobility far and long. Once you get inside the catacombs under Paris, it becomes clear why Victor Hugo and Anne Rice wrote his famous stories about these caves. They stretch about 187 kilometers under the whole town and only a small part of them open to the public. They say that the rest of patrols legendary special underground police, though, is likely to do the legions of the dead. Or vampires. But who will disassemble them there, in the end of it all. There were a career in the days of the Romans, and when Paris cemetery is full, in 1785 the tunnels have become such as it is.

7. Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, CA

"Magical" Winchester House - a colossal structure, which involves a lot of prejudice. A fortune teller told Sarah Winchester, heiress of the weapons that the ghosts of the murdered drives will haunt her if only she had not leave from Connecticut to the West and not to build a house, that he will not be able to finish in her life. Construction began in San Jose in 1884 and ceased 38 years before Sarah died. Now in 160 rooms of the house inhabited by the ghosts of her madness: stairs going straight up at the ceiling, doors that open in the middle wall, spidery motives, candelabra, hooks. Since the house was opened to the public, are continuously complaints flapping door steps at night, moving lights, door handles, which turn themselves. Even if tourists do not believe in ghosts, a place of mind-blowing in its scale.

8. The stalemate Mary King in Edinburgh

Several streets with a grim past, hidden under the medieval Old Town of Edinburgh. The place where the closed and left to die of plague victims in the XVII century, is famous poltergeist. Tourists then touches his arms and legs something invisible. It is believed that it is the ghost of Annie, a young girl that her parents left there in 1645. One hundred years later, the term that is so in love scary stories on the site of the impasse Mary King built a large new building. In 2003, the deadlock was opened to tourists who are attracted by tales of his supernatural duhah.Ekskursantov hold down the stone steps to close depressing pereulki.Krome room where Annie restored exposition of medieval life and deaths from the plague. The main thing is not to stop, especially when you feel the icy breath of death.

9. Occult Telemskoe Abbey in Sicily

Aleister Crowley - perhaps one of the most infamous occultist in the world, and this stone farmhouse full of dark pagan murals, was once the capital of the world satanic orgies. At least, he thought so in 1920. Crowley is known mainly by their fans the type of Marilyn Manson and the fact that appeared on the cover of the album "The Beatles» Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Crowley founded the Abbey of Thelema, named in honor of utopia described in "Gargantua" Rabelais, whose motto was "Do what you want." It became a commune of free love. Novices were forced to spend the night in the "nightmare room," where pumped ger and other * ma * ihuanoy, they stared at the mural of the earth, heaven and hell. After the Abbey died in the popular English dandy, the press made a scandal and forced to cover Mussolini sharashka. The notorious underground director Kenneth Endzher in 1945 excavated the story and withdrew a film there, which later mysteriously disappeared. Abbey now half-destroyed and overgrown with grass. But within a few preserved frescoes, which Crowley intimidate followers.

10. Chernobyl

Arriving at the abandoned city Pripyat, tourists enter the exclusion zone. Here are all the things thrown in a hurry and left with the very terrible 1986, when the Chernobyl accident has forced tens of thousands to flee their homes forever. Unbuttoned disclosed apartment in kindergarten winds on painted walls ivy lying scattered toys on the kitchen table were left lying nedochitannymi newspaper. Swing, still creaking, swaying in the courtyard of the gusts of wind dead.

Now, when the radiation level dropped to safe at the time of short-term visit, the Chernobyl zone opened for tourists. Tours to Chernobyl are practically the same as the movement in the exclusion zone severely limited. Normally, tourists travel from Kiev by bus, then walk followed before Chernobyl pass on her tour, look at the "Sarcophagus". You can wander through the streets of the ghost town of Pripyat and visit the park contaminated vehicles. And also to meet with local squatters, residents of "exclusion zone»


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