Free Auto-TESLA - the future is here

In the picture below an invention that will forever change the global automotive industry, and perhaps lead the world as a whole. The unique high-speed filling, which is actively building a California company TESLA Motors around the world quickly and safely charge modern cars absolutely free.

Even yesterday, no one could believe it. Today, the only one refueling quietly working far from home. How does it work?

Over the past 2 years around the world TESLA Motors has already opened 453 such refueling, with the total number of terminals (speakers) over 2500. So what's the difference from the traditional filling stations for electric vehicles, which are located throughout California?

The main difference between the two. It's hard to believe, but the charging station SUPERCHARGER is free throughout the life of the vehicle TESLA Model S. A few years ago, potential buyers and owners who charge their TESLA home using chargers asked a reasonable question: how to go to the car on a long TESLA journey?

Then the owner and founder of the company announced the start of construction of a global network of high-speed free refills, which will be located along all major highways, at a distance of not less than 80% charge of one another, and kept his word. Already on TESLA can travel across Ameriku.

The second feature is the speed TESLA Supercharger charging, which occurs up to 16 times faster than conventional stations for electric vehicles. According to the manufacturer, this cable delivers up to 120 kW and supplies current directly to the battery instead of the traditional charging skhemy.

Charging the battery takes about half of the 30 minut.

The owner of the car said he often comes to the shopping center, parking spaces which set TESLA Supercharger, as electricity is free of charge, and his car is fully charged before he goes shopping or drinks kofe.

According to him 100% charge can be obtained in less than half an hour, while his home charger allows you to charge the car fully in 8 hours, that is per night. Note that you can not buy SUPERCHARGER home. For home designed only standard portable charging. Below the dashboard it is clear that the current car is already charged can travel about 190 miles (300km), and by the end of the process there are still 50 minutes.

Currently TESLA sold the world over 70 000 cars. It is so much that at the stations SUPERCHARGER constantly arise queue. In this regard, the company even began to ask the owners of the stations to use only during the long journeys, and the normal time to charge cars at home. The largest market for US course (43 000 units), and the largest market outside America - a country of northern Norway, which already runs 7,500 vehicles. In setyabre 2013 TESLA model S has even become the best-selling car in the country in general among all brands. This was the first time with electric cars. In 2013, the United States, TESLA sold 18 000 cars and walked on the sale of traditional luxury brands: Mercedes S Class (13,303 pcs.), BMW 7 Series (10,932 pcs.), Leus LS (10,727 pcs.) Audi A8 (6300 pcs.), Porshe Panamera (5421 pcs.).

Against the background of this technology look like conventional cars full archaic. One day, in an interview with The New Yorker, Vice prezedent General Motors Bob Lutz said: "All the pundits here at General Motors kept saying lithium-up perfect yonnoy batteries need to wait for at least ten years. And Toyota engineers agreed with us. And then - "bam", out of nowhere appeared TESLA. I asked all the time - why microscopic California start-up, led by guys who know nothing about the car business was able to do it, and we do not? It was like being hit with a crowbar, who helped push the idea a long time to slip ".


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