My wife lost her memory in a car accident, but he returned her memories ...

Justice and Jeremy Stamper met in Sunday school when they were 10 years old, then started dating, studying in high school, and last year they were married. Wonderful story, is not it? And everything would have been so if the 19 days after their wedding is not the tragedy occurred.

Justice and Jeremy met in Sunday school when they were 10 let

In high school, they began dating and were married August 1, 2014 goda

But August 20 Justice almost died in a terrible car accident, as a result of which she was a partial loss pamyati

She has forgotten everything that happened to her in about five weeks before the tragedy, including his own wedding with muzhem

"Kady time I looked at her, my heart is broken vdrezebgi, and I said that I would do anything for her," - said Dzheremi

Husband Justice found a way out of this situation and decided to re-play a wedding on the same day, when they had first brakosochetanie

"We want to have a general memory of the beautiful day that most people take for granted. They experience it, but do not penetrate and appreciate this bright moment "" Keep the memories of your wedding, as if they are the last thing in the world, because when they leave, it's awful "


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