10 Photos, behind which there are horrific stories

Impartial technique with photographic accuracy captures real life events. Some photos immediately caused a storm of emotions and create a mood among the audience, while others seem to be completely incomprehensible, until you know what exactly is happening to them. It all depends on the skill of the photographer, and from a variety of contingencies.

We offer a look at the pictures, each of which is tragic, and sometimes terrifying history.

1. Buddhist monk performs funeral rites

November 25, 2011 one of the passengers waiting for the train at the station of Shanxi Taiyuan in China, has attracted the attention of others in that sleeping too long in an uncomfortable position. When the surrounding finally decided to wake him up, it turned out that an old man is dead, and it is impossible to help him. The monk, who was among those waiting for the train, held a religious ceremony to the soul of the deceased was able to find eternal peace.

2. Group Kamikaze

At first glance, it seems that it is quite normal, unremarkable picture "in memory" that makes military cadets. But when you know that it is the students' school kamikaze ", it is not remarkable, this plunges into a real horror. 17-year-old Corporal Yukio Araki (in this photo taken on May 26, 1945, he holds a puppy) went to its last flight on the next day after this picture was taken the pilots of the 72nd Division in Bunce, Kagoshima.

3. Team British expedition "Terra Nova" at the South Pole January 18, 1912 99,918,593

From the outset of this expedition was more politics than science. Its leader, Robert Scott (pictured him standing in the middle) and his colleagues were to overtake Raul Amundsen and a team to come to the South Pole, the first to achieve that honor went to the British Empire. But when the weary and scurvy frost travelers finally reached the coveted goal, it appeared that much ahead of the Norwegians - Ironically snowstorm for a month destroyed the traces of the pioneers and all the snow was trampled dog tracks. In addition, the settlement was abandoned camp site Polheim, and the tent was a letter addressed to Scott's group. On the way back, four people were killed - this is their last photo.

4. Grief and girl

This eerie photograph was taken by Kevin Carter in 1993 in the Sudanese town of Ayod. The child's parents ran for the food to arrive between humanitarian aid aircraft and emaciated girl quietly crept after them, now and then stopping to rest. The girl watched a vulture. These birds do not attack their prey, but prefer to wait until everything will happen by itself. In addition, the next was a photographer, so scavengers could only wait. This image brought Kevin Carter fame, a Pulitzer Prize and a barrage of accusations of inhumanity. Just three months after the award photojournalist committed suicide.

5. Remains cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov

Vladimir Komarov died April 24, 1967 upon completion of a test flight of "Soyuz-1". During the descent to the ground did not open the main parachute descent capsule, and as a result of hitting the ground the unit caught fire. Charred, warped beyond recognition remains a special commission was taken to Moscow. The ashes was placed in an urn and immured in the Kremlin wall. But work continued at the accident site, and some time later was found a few fragments of the body. The remains were buried in the desert on the spot death descent capsule.

6. Self dying passengers of the flight MH17 92,438,823

15-year-old Gary Slok with his mother Petra Langeveld was flying on holiday in Kuala Lumpur. Just three hours after it was made it self, the aircraft flying over the territory of Ukraine, was shot down. Of people on board survived failed anyone.

7. Self-immolation of the monk

In 1963, the dissatisfaction with the Buddhist majority in South Vietnam had reached a critical point on the background of the repressive regime of then-President Ngo Dinh Diem. In May of that year, Buddhists gathered in the city of Hue, to defend their rights. The government is very tough disperse the crowd disgruntled, and as a result of the dispersal of nine Buddhists died. In protest against the general brutality June 11, 1963 in Saigon, two elderly monks commit self-immolation.

8. Friends to the grave 9,672,818

This archaeological find was made in Iran in 1972. Two young men, who lived around 800 BC were killed when the invaders set fire to the city. People suffocated by smoke, but until the last minute support each other.

9. Contused

This picture was taken during the fighting at the French village Kurselet in September 1916. The man in the photo was the victim of a concussion, one of many features that are disorders of mental activity. This view is a consequence of injury and occurs in posttraumatic stress. In addition, it is worth noting that at that time people did not smile in photos.

10. Little prisoner camp draws House

After the war, the girl actually grew up in a concentration camp, was sent to an orphanage for mentally disturbed children. When the classroom teachers were asked to draw a house, the girl portrayed eerie chaos, more reminiscent of a coil of barbed wire. At the top of the board says "Terezka" - is the name of the little artist.


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