15 The most common things under the microscope

Modern microscopes allow you to see the wonderful world that is not noticeable in normal, everyday life. Let's take a look at the seemingly ordinary things, but through the eyepiece of the microscope.

Sol 150-fold uvelichenie

Sugar, 50-fold uvelichenie

Pepper, a 15-fold uvelichenie

Black pepper, 5000-fold uvelichenie

Coffee grounds, 750-fold uvelichenie

Pollen, 400-fold uvelichenie

Cloth, 200-fold uvelichenie

Cotton fabric, 40-fold uvelichenie

Nylon 50-fold uvelichenie

Wood, 150-fold uvelichenie

Ballpoint Pen, 30-fold uvelichenie

The bracket in the paper, 30-fold uvelichenie

Needle and thread, a 15-fold uvelichenie

The edge of a razor blade, 10000-fold uvelichenie

Cropped hair, the 50-fold uvelichenie

Surface of old copper penny 5000-fold uvelichenie


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