This guy does not remove contact lenses at night and that's what happened to him!

Contact lenses are a very popular product today. Many people with vision problems, prefer their points.

For all its obvious advantages, contact lenses have a very important property - for them it is necessary to look carefully, to shoot at night, wash and store them in a proper place. Otherwise, the consequences can be irreversible ...

This guy Zovuni Chad pennies. Chad has been diving and an active lifestyle as well as his poor eyesight. Obviously, if your lifestyle, Chad without hesitation chose contact lenses, not ochki.

Chad did exactly what was written on the box of contact lenses. Manufacturers claimed that contact lenses can be worn for several days. Chad could not take them off for a week, to go with them to the shower, confident that he'll be okay.

One of his eyes itched very much, but he copied it on allergies. A few days later the night he was awakened by a burning sensation in the eye. In the morning he went to the doctor.

Nothing good doctor did not tell him.

To make the analysis, Dr. Chad revealed a bacterium Pseudomonas, which lodged between his eye and the contact lens.

The doctor was able to stop the infection, but the damage had already been done - Chad blind in one eye.

This case seems to be just awful, but actually it is quite ordinary case (except for the fact that Chad is too tightened with a campaign to the doctor). Usually people who casually refer to your contact lenses sooner or later face some problems.

If you wear contact lenses, remember it is very important keep track of them.

Here are some important tips that you can use:

Never go to sleep in them. Even if you are very lazy and is about to go to sleep already. Just do not do it. Point. Replace the lens on a regular basis. The life cycle is usually determined by the lens manufacturer. If the term came to an end of the lens, do not wear it just because you do not feel the difference. In pursuit of savings, you can lose much more than money. Never swim with lenses. Do not wear contact lenses when you are ill. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the care and storage of your contact lenses.


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